About Us

The Village Financial Resource Center is a nonprofit community service organization that provides confidential financial guidance, counseling, money management education, and debt management assistance to consumers.

Through it's Consumer Credit Counseling Service, The Village helps consumers trim their expenses, develop a workable budget, lower their debt payments and repay debts. The Village also offers housing and foreclosure programs, bankruptcy counseling and education, financial planning, and online financial counseling.

The Village Financial Resource Center offers face-to-face financial counseling in its Fargo office. Phone and online counseling services are also available.

The Village has been providing financial counseling and education services since 1976, and is a member agency of the National Foundation for Credit Counselors, Inc., the nation's oldest and largest credit counseling organization.

The Village Financial Resource Center is:

  • A member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Inc. (NFCC).
  • Accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services to Children and Families.
  • Certified by the American Homeowner Education and Counseling Training Institute.
  • Certified through Freddie Mac for Comprehensive Homeownership and Education and Counseling.

All Village financial counselors are Certified Consumer Credit Counselors, a testing and certification process of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Inc.

The Village Financial Resource Center is a program of The Village Family Service Center. The Village is a regional nonprofit that also provides adoption, unplanned pregnancy, counseling, family-based services, family group decision making, family team decision making,  Nokomis Child Care Centers, First Step Recovery, and the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.

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For help taking charge of your financial future, reach out to a certified financial counselor at The Village Family Service Center, 1-800-450-4019. In addition to face-to-face and telephone counseling, The Village offers online financial counseling.